Monday, January 28, 2008

I haven't added anything new lately, so I thought I would post some pictures of the 1/2 marathon I ran with my sisters, Sara and Emily, down in St. George, UT. They talked me into doing it while we were at the cabin for New Years. So, I had just under 3 weeks to train for it. My goal time was 2 hrs 15 mins. Thanks to Blake for being so supportive, and watching kids so I could get some "long runs" in. Grandpa Manwaring was nice enough to let Jack spend the afternoon with him, while I took Sam and Emily with me. Emily was excited because this meant that she could finally go to "Build A Bear" in SLC and use the gift card she got from Santa. We "carb'd up" at Olive Garden the night before, and Sara's sister-inlaw, who lives in St. George, was nice enough to watch all the kids while we ran. I was alittle worried about the cold when it was only 25 degrees on the way to the race. But it was sunny, and quickly warmed up to 42 degrees. It was a really nice course, and I was very happy with my time of 2hrs 12 mins.(3 whole minutes ahead of my goal). Even if it was 10 minutes behind Sara and Emily. I am already excited to do it again next year. With more that 3 week to train this time I have lofty goals of under 2hrs. Whew, this is a marathon blog entry for me. I think I better go drink some Gatorade!!!