Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break????????

So, unlike everyone else who ran to warmer climates for Spring Break, we decided to enjoy some of the great snow they have had this year up in Island Park. We started off in Rexburg where Blake helped dad take an engine out of an old Camero, to put in his other project car (sorry dad, the name of it escapes me). Mom and I went and got our hair done. Then, mom and dad watched the kids while Blake and I went to the Rexburg Temple. It was beautiful, and is very similar to the one they are building in Twin Falls, so it was kind of a "sneak peak". Then we went to the cabin and enjoyed great snow, and beautiful weather. We snowmobiled into West Yellowstone, had an easter egg hunt in the snow, and went sledding. While we were in Rexburg, Blake just HAPPENED to stop by the 4x4 dealer in town and found a great deal on a 4x4 for me (of course). It's smaller than the other one we have, which is fine by me, and we had fun testing it out on the snow. Island Park has had great snow, as you can see, this year. And just down the road alittle ways from my parent's cabin was this collapsed cabin someone didn't even get to finish before the snow load sent it sideways down the hill. You can kind of see the snowmobile trailer that is holding up the one side of the roof. What the picture doesn't show very well are the 4 snowmobiles, and suburban trapped in side. So Sad! (Emily is Chad crying yet?)

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

DI Treasures

I just had to share our silly Saturday with you. My sister Emily had brought some boots up to me last week she thought I would like, but they didn't fit, so I put them in the pile to send to DI. They were a short black boot with a spiked heel, every 8 year olds dream. So Emily quickly deemed them hers, and wore them constantly for 3 days straight. She was so in love with them I was afraid she was going slip them in her backpack, and wear them at school. So, while she was at school, I finally took the bag of stuff to DI, including the boots. Today we had an appt. to take the van in for a detail so we could sell it. The car wash is right next door to Deseret Industries. Blake decides that we haven't been for a while and we need to go check out the "deals". Haven't finally gotten rid of my bag of stuff for DI, I was less than thrilled to go buy it back, but we hauled the whole family in anyway. The first deal we found was a pair of "Born" shoes for $5, they are identical to the pair Blake paid WAAAAAY more for, but a size smalled. But, because they were $5, we had to take them. Then Emily comes running up with a great gem she just had to have, and lo and behold it was the same pair of black, spike heel boot I had just given to DI earlier in the week!! Both Blake and I were doubled over laughing. After that Jack found this pair of "Incredible Hulk" fists he HAD to have. (Everyone took turns hitting each other with them for the remaining shopping trip.) We found a 25 cent book about a flying school bus for Sam, and traded the spiked boots for a cute Gymboree dress for Emily. Oh yeah, and I didn't get left out either. There was a great helmet, perfect for 4 Wheeling that we couldn't pass up. I know, what a bunch of hillbillies!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I had quite the birthday "week". I feel like I should be turning some more monumental # other than 32. Usually it's an ice cream cake, a gift and call it good. But this year, for some reason, I got one birthday celebration after another. It started off with a visit from my fellow "kindred spirit" Holly. My friend, and old college roommate. She drove up from Boise to take me to lunch. It was so nice to visit. I am sure the waiter at the resturant asked us if we "needed anything else" atleast 5 times. We talked forever, and then got the hint, and went to my house and talked some more. Thanks Holly! It was so great to catch up. Then Blake came home from work with the "bad news" that the construction crews were working 24hr shifts 2 days this week, and he had to oversee the night shift. This was a huge bummer for him, but ended up being a bonus for me and the kids because we got him home during the day! He ended up watching the boys one afternoon so I could go on the "reward" swim trip with Emily's 2nd grade class. It was so nice to have some precious one on one time with her. The next afternoon Blake took me and the boys out to lunch at the Pita Pit. We had some friends over for ice cream cake and chocolate dipped fruit that night before Blake had to leave for the night shift. If you are sick of hearing about all my birthday celebrating I am sorry. You can stop reading, I wont be offended. But there's More!!!! The day after my birthday Blake slept in, and I went with Jacks preschool on a field trip to the dentist office. When we got home I woke up Blake because he had a business lunch he had to be at. While he was getting ready his phone rang, so I picked it up to hand it to him, and happened to notice that the caller was my sister, Sara Hill. I was like "what" ?So Sara said she was just checking all her numbers in her phone to see if they were current. I didn't think too much about it. After that Blake left, and I loaded up the boys to run some errands. Sara calls me back, and we talk the entire time I am running errands. Again, I am still not getting it. I don't think much about it, until we get home, and the kids come running into the kitchen to tell me there is a silver car in the driveway. So I start walking to the front door, and someone starts pounding on the back door. So I go back and it is my two sisters, Sara and Emily! They drove all the way up from Utah to take me out to lunch! We had lots of fun, and they made the cutest Candy-Gram I have ever seen. If you want another version of the story you can go to Sara's blog (click on ontopofthehills.blogspot.com below). What a fun "leap-day"!

There has been a request to see the new shelves Blake has been working on to go on either side of our newly rocked fireplace. Blake (always the perfectionist) was not thrilled with this picture (I took it at night and had to turn the overhead light off because of the glare) but I am posting it anyway. These are the bases to the shelves that will have doors. And then the "hutch" like shelves will go on top when we finish staining and varnishing them. I will post again when we get them up I am really excited to see it all done. This will complete our inside projects just in time to start all the outside ones that come with Spring!