Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jack turns 6!

This was the first year Jack got to have a "friend birthday party". They went to an indoor bounce house gym here in Twin Falls called "Hop2It" So of course we had to make "hopping" frog cupcakes to take to school.
These guys had so much fun running from one thing to the next. It was fun to sit back a watch, and be glad the chaos and maheim was going on here and not at my house! It wore them out quicker than I thought though.
I love this "David and Goliath" match up. Sam could hold his own though.

It's great to be 6!!!!
So, here I am once again, catching up. The end of November thru Christmas were crazy busy! I have been enjoying the simple things yesterday and today; Such as mopping my floor and cleaning my fridge! And I am thoroughly enjoying it!!!! Think back, if you will, to Thanksgiving. We spent Thanksgiving weekend at my sister Sara's in Murray, Utah. Since Sara is a super duper party planner, our weekend was jam pack with fun things to do! First off we ran a 6k "turkey trot" in SLC. We started up by the Capital Bldg, and ran a beautiful course along a creek. The fall colors were still hanging on many of the bushes and trees, and we ended up in a beautiful park (immigration park???? I'm not sure if the name is right). It was a great run (forgetting by the end that the first half was all up hill).
After the race all the cousins were dying to see where HSM was filmed. So we went to the infamous East High in SL after the race. You would have thought everyone of those girls expected Troy or Gabrielle to poke their head out the door at any moment! Here is a picture out front that matched their excitement. Talk about cheap way to win brownie points with the kids!

After we took picture we went around back, and peaked thru the windows of the lunch room. Sooooo exciting! Here is Emily's best Shrapey pose!

Later that day, while the turkey was cooking, Sara set up horse rides on my Grandpa Kern's horses with my uncle Paul. The kids not getting a horse ride rode around in the tractor trailer while everyone got a turn. Again, lots of fun!

After a wonderful dinner, Sara brought out these great "animal tails" that clip around the waste, and everyone had fun playing tag while we cleaned up. I do have some really great video/pics of the late night Wii fit, Rockband marathon, but will file those under blackmail for now. Over all a very fun time. We also had family pictures taken this weekend which you can see on our side bar.