Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back Up Plans and Doubling Down

So with the project not taking off as quickly as I would like, the state of the economy, and given who is in charge of the country right now Josie and I have been getting a little nervous. The past couple Sunday nights in companionship inventory we have been doing some brain storming to hedge our income. Then it came to us on a trip to visit my brother in Kentucky. We have sent all three children to jockey school they have only 6 more weeks until there first race. Jack is already impressing his teacher and has been promised to ride in a race with a horse called "Snowball." We have not told him the horse full name "chance in Hell". We figure with their incomes as jockeys and then the advantage of the inside information on the races Josie will really be able to excel in her new chosen profession. We figured with her math and statistical skills she would be a natural. Josie has been spending her days learning about odds, spreads, ect. We also have a in with the local vet. So I think it is a Sure thing. I know you are all concerned with my role in the master plan. I was going to sit back and be the Hollywood Husband of Kentucky. But that went over like a lead balloon with "Lucky Losie-POO" So she handed me a pitch fork and sent me to the stables to do what I do best shovel stuff.
If any family or friend would like to invest in our sure thing please send your money orders to Lucky Loise at the Keenland Race Track in George Town Kentucky.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh The Places You Will Go For Boise State

So when we first were getting ready to move out here Josie noticed in one of the BSU Alumni letters that BSU was going to be playing out here at Bowling Green this year. We thought it would be a fun adventure to go show our support for our school.
So we had to make a day out of it. So we started by visiting Whole Foods to participate in the "BUY COT" Down with the liberal tree hugging, Nanny State, commy liberals. We had a wonderful lunch and I visited the cheese gallery with Emily and tasted different cheeses and selected two to take home.
Next Josie had to make up for teasing me the whole way our here. She would say oh we can stop at Cabelas so after passing about three stores and not stopping at one. I forced the issue and stopped at one in Ohio. So the kids really liked the animals.
We pulled into Bowling Green and had a little time before the big game so we went to a local car museum at saw some pretty neat cars. Including a Model T painted Washington Blue and Straw Wheels. Finally we went to the massacre. My favorite part was when we pulled into the parking lot and the people look at our Idaho plates on the van and they were blow away say "wow you guys drove a long way." "How long did it take you to drive here" " You must be major football fans." I was willing play along and tell stories but "Honest Abe Josie" had to set everyone straight that we had only come from Michigan. The game was a good one. BSU Kicked butt 49 to 14. We made it half time and the kids were done and we had a long drive home so we left. But as alway Josie is alway surprised where she ends up when she is with me.

The Annual Silly Hat Party

The Annual Silly Hat Party has been on hold for the last couple of weeks because of all the rain. I have been feeling like I am back in Washington. There was a break in the rain Tuesday night so Josie baked up some wonderful Toll House ultimate peanut butter cookies and we made a run for it. We found a fun park near the house to host the event. The Blandford Nature Center where I am told you can go in the spring to tap the Sugar Maple Trees for syrup. Another thing to look forward too but I am sure that it will not compare to the famous birch pop/wine of yester years. (Notice how I took a picture of the sign so I could spell it later. Alway thinking ) We were a bit short on silly hats so we had to make do with what we had. Josie has already decided that this is the spot for the annual fall family pictures in a few weeks when the leaves turn a bit more. We probably should have thought through Sam's hat and jacket a bit more we kept losing him in the trees. (lol). Emily was enjoying herself also until she start seeing the signs for the turtle and snake crossing. She was a bit jumpy until we convinced her that the it was too cold for them to be out. So stay tuned for the beautiful fall colors.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Birthday and a "Big Lake"

So, Sam decided that he wanted a Thomas the Train Birthday cake for his 5th birthday, and had very specific ideas as to what it should look like. I tried my best, and he was happy so I guess it turned out ok. He was also sure that he wanted to go to Chuckie Cheese for his party. Which was perfect since it was just "immediate" family in attendance this year. All the kids had lots of fun, and Blake and I even managed to squeeze in a basketball throwing competition (which I won, of course).

There was very little dilemma in Sam's mind when it came to choosing a gift. He knew exactly what he wanted, and he has literally not stopped playing with it yet! It is a really cool ship that has all kinds of bells and whistles. I love the new Imaginex line of toys. They are very creative and sturdy toys. A hard thing to come by in my humble opinion.

The weekend after Sam's birthday we finally took the kids to the "BIG LAKE" as we had been calling it. Better known as Lake Michigan. I was surprised at how clear the water was! It was so clean. I guess I just expected mass pollution because it is a lake near large metro areas. I was pleasantly surprised. The kids were in the water immediately. I don't know why we are not smart enough to put suits on before we actually introduce them to the water, but it has been a trend this summer. But I can tell you that we are not taking them anywhere wet with out a suit on from the start again. Anyway, we got everyone changed into appropriate swim attire, and all they wanted to do was get wet, and then roll in the sand until they had sand in every crease of their body. It sooo did not look like fun, but they were having a ball.
Since they were so excited about getting sandy, Blake and I decided to bury them in the sand. They enjoyed every second of it. After that we walked to a lighthouse at the end of a pier and got the yummiest milkshake called a "Lavender Lady". I have been craving another ever since.