Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I will start with the excuses first, and move on to the actual reason for the post. I know I have been absent from blogging for a while, and the last post wasn't even written by me. But the above picture and following explanation are an attempt at deriving understanding, if not pity (ok maybe not pity). Anyway, it was 5 weeks ago that I took my favorite pair of shoes to the repair shop to get some stitching repaired (did I mention these are my all time favorite shoes). As usual, I was in a rush and told the boys to sit tight while I dropped them off. But as I was rounding the corner I tripped over what I later found to be an uneven sidewalk, and was on the ground before I even knew what had happened. All I knew was that my fingers hurt like crazy. Then I looked at guessed it....dislocated.....not a pretty site!! Now, I can handle alot of medical emergencies, and gross stuff, but orthopedics is the one thing I CANNOT HANDLE. For what ever reason I am not equiped to deal well with broken bones and dislocated joints! Especially when they are mine! Needless to say I was left with 2 options: 1. Drive myself to a hospital and let someone else fix it (knowing that I would have to look at it the whole way), or 2. Pop it back in myself. I quickly picked 2 and thankfully it was fixed in a split second. But it has been the sorest, and most swollen injury I have ever encountered. The above picture was taken 5 weeks after the "incident" and they are still sausages!! (middle and ring fingers on the right). Not a great excuse, but it's what I've got. It was 2 weeks before I had the courage to return to the "scene of the accident and retrieve my shoes (did I mention they are my favorite). The thing that really had me miffed was that I had just chopped my hair off short that same day, and I couldn't "do it up cute" until just recently. (sorry no photo, I am sick with a head cold today, and not feeling photogenic). At this point they still don't bend very well, and are pretty crooked, but I am still hopeful of a full recovery. If not I will definitely need to come up with a better story than "I tripped" to go along with my crooked fingers.

Now for the reall reason for my post. It is a rare thing that I have anything crafty to share, but I was just so darn proud of how Emily's school valentines turned out that I had to share. I got the idea from Family Fun website (so who knows, there may be a million of these passed out on Friday) and I thought they were both adorable and easy peasy to make. You just wrap a candy heart box (4 for a $1) in colored paper cut to size, and add the ipod cut out that you down load from the site. Genius!

Blake even had me take a picture in a docking station to show how "realistic" they look.