Sunday, January 11, 2009

Elmer Fudd Hunting Journal

Dear Diary,
I do not know where to start. Above is a blind used in goose hunting. Can you see me? Neither did the geese. So here is the basic plan. You lay down hidden in the blind and make goose calls. Once the geese fly over head someone yells take'em then you pop up like a Jack in the Box with a loaded 12 gage shotgun and let the sky have it.
Here is the aftermath.
Next was the Elk hunt. Last time I went elk hunting the thing I learned was that I could not out run an Elk. So this time I decided to use the truck to out run them and get in position for the ambush.
Things I learned this year elk hunting.
1) Go for the head shot.
2) When you are gutting the elk do not I say again do not puncture the stomach with your knife.
3) Bring lots of water and rags to wash up with.
4) Elk meat is pretty dang good. I even have Josie and the kids convinced.