Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Here is the most wonderful dad! Sam took this picture at Jack's game last night. Pretty good huh!? He was at Jack's game at 7pm even though he didn't get home until 6:40pm. He is so busy these day's, but still makes his family his priority! We are truely lucky to have him as dad!
The Sunbeams made "special" Father's Day ties in class the week before Father's Day. Sam was beyond excited to give it too him. Blake wore it to church on Sunday and everything. It was really cute to see the other dad's who were brave enough to wear theirs too. Even our bishop got one. Of course, I didn't get a picture when Blake actually wore it on Sunday, so Sam modeled it for me here. It is missing at least half of it's "embelishments" but you get the idea.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game....

Another activity that has been taking up a big chunk of our evenings has been T-ball for Jack (and Pitching machine for Emily). He is still a little goofy in the outfield, but I have to remind myself how much progress we have made since last season (we were so excited by the end of last season that he learned to run to first base, and not after the ball he had just hit off the T). Here he is with the ball he actually caught in practice.
Jack's great swing!
Running to first base. He didn't even chase the ball first!!!
Sam's newest thing is running. Not to anywhere, or for anything, just running! I wish I had taken my camera on our Sunday walk around the neighborhood. He practically ran the entire way (a 1/2 mile loop). So while Jack's game was going, Sam ran back and forth to the trees.

Here's Emily, not wanting to miss out on this fun "game" Sam thought of. I wish it was this easy to entertain them at home.

Another Concrete Pour Survived, and a Snake!

The big accomplishment for last week was the big pour! There are a few things in married life that I feel " if you can get through this , you can get through anything". One of those things is pouring concrete with your perfectionist crew-boss, I mean husband. Blake and I have actually already passed this test of marriage up in Anchorage when we poured the foundation for our home-edition (Sara was their to witness that one!). It was not without words of frustration, but our marriage survived. This time it was a slab for the new shed/playhouse. Blake's dad came to help this time. I have to say it went really well!!! I don't know if we are just that much more "insynch" with one another at this point in our marriage, or more organized with the pour. Either way, a huge marital triumph!!!. This is a nice project to finally get done. While it doesn't look like much, it took a big chunk of time. Now we can plug along on the shed with whatever time Blake has in his busy schedule.On Saturday Blake really wanted to go on a 4 Wheeler ride. I on the other hand just wanted to stay home and get caught up on things around the house and with my new calling ( I am now the Music Chorister in Primary. I am really excited about it, mostly because I get to use Sara, and Emily as resources since they have both already had/have this calling). So Blake took Emily and Jack up to the south hills, and I stayed home with Sam. They had a really nice ride. The wildflowers are everywhere right now. They found an old cabin that Jack was sure belonged to Smokey the Bear! Oh yeah, and they stumbled upon a snake, sunning himself in the middle of the road. A SNAKE!!! Now I know why I didn't go! That would have been it for me. It was a bull snake, not a poisonous snake, but still a snake, and a good size one at that!


Dog Days of Summer are Finally Here!!!!

It's been awhile since I sat down and posted anything. So I thought I would try and catch up. Part of my problem is forgetting to bring the camera places. I am trying to be better. Anyway, about the pictures....this is Blake being so proud of himself for teaching Palo to "load" in the back of the 4 wheeler. We are finally getting used to having a dog again. including the "pooper-scoop" duty.
After "loading" Palo up, the kids helped "row" the canoe to the back of the yard. I thought this was so cute!!
A couple of weeks ago we took the kids (+ our nephew Garrett) to the Western Days parade here in town. We have only taken them to a handful of parades, so they thought this was the neatest thing ever!!! Of course I forgot the camera. The one thing I wished I could of gotten a picture of was Garrett "break dancing" every time any music went by. It was very entertaining, and he's actually pretty good. The other thing I am glad there is not a picture of is the Moss Greenhouse float. It's a local grower in the area that has Beautiful!! hanging baskets. Well, instead of candy, they were giving away HUGE hanging baskets of gorgeous flowers!!! So I get up, wave my hands, tell the kids to run out and say their mom needs flowers, etc... Over all, I made a huge fool of myself!!!! (I know...shocking!) They gave the flowers to another lady, and the parade moved on, and I turned to see my husband with this "Wow, You really wanted some flowers" look on his face, and I was so embarassed. Then the following week he went to Moss Greenhouse and actually purchased this Beautiful hanging basket for me. What a guy!!! His wife makes a fool of herself and he still buys her flowers! I love this man!!!!!!