Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Take It on the Run

If you have looked at the calendar lately, like me you are wondering where the summer has gone. Ours has sped by at a runners pace. We have taken on a few challenges these last few months.
It all started this spring at a Stake Court of Honor when our stake president challenged all the young men 14 and older to participate in this thing called a 50/20. I made the mistake of asking what is a 50/20. The challenge is to walk 50 miles in under 20 hours. So we set out with the young men of our ward to start our training regement to prepare for this great event. We spent lots of Saturdays hiking 5 miles then 10 miles up to 25 miles. As the final details of the race trickled in we discoverd that plan was to start at 4:00 PM on a Friday night from the Oakley Stake Center. Then, walk all night and end up at our new stake center in Twin Falls. The first 25 miles was pretty easy and everyone was hanging in there. Then we started to lose some of the boys and leaders. The learning experience came early Saturday morning. We had scheduled a couple of support crews through out the night to come and supply us with food and water and such. The last 10 miles became very dificult with bistered and bleeding feet. The last leg of the race two friends from the ward Jonathan Wheelwright and Spencer Cutler were on shift. The amazing thing to me was how even in the state of utter exaustion and pain that I was in just having them walking in front of me seemed to help so much. There seemed to be an invisible rope between us that continued to pull me along. I releate this back to the scripture of how we can truly bear one others burdens and support each other. All that finished we were able to complete the 50 miles in about 16 hour.