Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mr. Mom Fails Again

Since returning to our lives in Idaho we have had an interesting jux-a- position in that last few weeks in our family. My evil plan to be released as Elder's Quorum President by leaving the state for a few months was a flying success.
But, upon our return the Bishop was waiting with baited breath, not for me but for Josie. As many of you all ready know Josie was called as the Young Women's President in our Ward. Being the supportive husband that I am I told the Bishop no problem I would love to support her. I was hoping that push Josie out front like a lamb to the wolves in the hope this would buy me some time to lay low and avoid any responsibility. I was sadly mistaken. I found out what goes on Sunday Morning while I was at all those early morning meetings. Here is my track record so far:

Week 1:

I was up stairs ironing everyones clothes when Jack comes up stairs and asks" Daddy is it opposite day or something?" Why are you ironing clothes? That is not the way mommy does it.

Week 2:

I was committed. The kids were going to be dressed. Breakfast dishes taken care of and in our seats 5 minutes early. All was going well, we walked into the chapel at 8:54 one minute to spare. I was just about to pat my self on the back when Joise leans over and kindly asks " Is there a reason why Sam's pants are on backwards? I grabbed him and ran for the bathroom. I though I still have 4 minutes we can make it. In the mad dash he lost his shoe and shed a few tears.

Week 3:

I am a man that tries to learn from his mistakes. After I had ironed the boy's clothes and send them down to get dressed and started back on some other clothes it hit me " backwards pants" I came racing down the stairs to make sure the old backwards pants issues was not my down fall again. I went in to make sure Sam had his pants on correctly. As I was doing this Jack started to tease Sam. Jack saying I can not believe you put your pants on back wards don't you know that the zipper goes in the front like this. As Jack proudly looked down to show him his zipper he only found two back pockets.

Week 4:

Your guess is as good as mine.


Humble Pie

Josie, We know you will do a great job.