Friday, June 11, 2010

You Know You Are a Manwaring Update!

Added June 10, 2010
11) If you have had a holy shirt or pants ripped off your body.
12) If your family hugs included the use of duct tape.
13) If in every Family photo instead of hearing "say cheese" you hear "duck, duck, goose". Contributed by BM. You guess which one.

Third Time Is The Charm at Fairy Falls

A Life Lesson in over coming Life's Obstacles.

When we were up at the cabin last week we decided to go into Yellowstone Park and seek out a water fall that for a while we thought only existed in our imagination. Fairy Falls.

Attempt # 1 5/29/10 at 2:30 PM
After consulting the Yellowstone Hiking Book and maps we set off into the park. After getting through buffaloes having caves on the road and holding up traffic. We made it to what we thought was the trail head. At least that is what the sign laying on the ground claimed. We were about a mile and a half in when we encountered our first obstacle.
Bear Tracks, given that early in the day the kids have made fruit loop necklaces and now had them hanging around their necks. I thought my odd to get away would be pretty good so we pressed on. Until mother nature came a calling too two of our family members. One was able to take care of it in the wood the other demanded a return to the parking lot. So we abandoned our efforts. Remember men one saying "Happy Wife Happy Life"

Attempt # 2 5/29/10 5:30 PM.
After I had a happy wife again. We drove a little farther in the park to discovered the real trail head. In my enthusiasm I ran to the sign and misread the sign. I thought it stated that the falls were only 1 mile in. I thought piece of cake 2 miles round trip. At this point it was blowing and snowing a little bit. I pump up the kids promised them a blizzard from DQ. Little did they know the were going to end up with both types of blizzards. We set off only to find out after 1 mile of hiking we only made it to the trail head of Fairy Falls and still had 2.6 miles to go. Once again I reluctantly let the dream slip from my fingers.

Attempt # 3 5/31/10 10:00 AM
The following Monday Ralph and I conspired to reach both our goals. He wanted to take a Model A for a drive in the park and I need to see Fairy Falls. So we sweet talked Josie and the kids and made our third and final attempt. Which ended in great success. We found the NOT imaginary 200 FT Fairy Falls. It was worth it and the kids did wonderful. Never Give UP.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Many Manwarings Does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

5 Manwarings and 2 Kerns.
Jack to hold the chair that I am standing on.
Sam to remove and replace the light bulbs.
Emily to take the picture.
Josie to be the official worrier.
Blake to be walked all over as usual.
Ralph to hold the light fixture.
Connie to supervise.