Monday, April 21, 2008

Mom, this walks for you!

My mom has always loved a good walk. I remember her asking me to go on walks with her often. I am sure I would roll my eyes or something, but always go, and always enjoy it by the end. I remember trying to keep up with her long gait. The whole time the saying "lengthen your stride, lengthen your stride" going through my head. But it seemed that no matter how hard I tried to keep up, I always had to "trot" every so often to catch up. She would coax me to go just a little longer, saying, "lets just see whats around the next bend". While I was sure it was probably just a big dog waiting to chase me, she was always the "observer". She never failed to find something interesting on every walk that anyone else would have easily missed. Whether it was the "smiling barn", the "love tree" or naming every wildflower, and picking one to "press" when we got back to the cabin. So thank you mom for walking with me. And by doing so teaching me how to "lengthen my stride" just alittle longer, and take the time to notice the things that really matter! This walk was for you!

My cousin Ashley called me up and told me she was organizing a team to walk in the MS Walk in Boise. I was so touched that she would go to the trouble, and effort to support, and in a sense, honor my mom with this walk. It meant so much, and was such a wonderful opportunity for my little family to reunite with many of the Plant aunts, and cousins we have been some what out of touch with due to our "globe trotting in recent years. Here are the Plant sisters saying "this one's for you Connie!"
Here are the kids posing for Aunt Priscilla. It was really cold, but they all wanted to show off their shirts. Emily, Jack and Sam on the back row, then Brooklyn, Jareds oldest, and Addison, Ashley's oldest. In front of Emily and Jack is Kendall, Ashley's second daughter. Emily looks so "mature" next to everyone else, it's alittle reality check to me. She is growing up so fast!
The kids and I attempting a "photo finish" The walk was just that, a very low key walk, which was perfect for the kids. I only had to break out the "crazy legs" when I heard Ashley calling for Addison, who was on her new bike. I spotted her way up ahead, away from the group. So I ran after her, only to find that Bernie was right on her tail, and I probably just embarassed my self more than anything. Oh well, there is just something about a mother calling for her child that brings out the "mother bear" in me, and I have to find that child NOW!
I couldn't resist taking a picture of Heather, taking a picture. This was just one of many that she took. As always, she documented the event with an entire roll of film. Just like old times. We love you Heather! Don't ever change!
As you can see in above pictures, Ashley made sure everyone had team shirts. She was worried when I talked to her, that she hadn't gotten any for my kids because she didn't know they were walking. But I just got some white t-shirts and had them make their own the night before. They had alot of fun doing it, and I think they turned out great! We love you Grandma!


Emily Oman said...

I love the pictures, what a great day! I think next year we should just plan ahead and all do it in Boise together.

Alison said...

I love seeing your pictures! Thanks again for coming! Your family is so much fun!

Greg said...

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Emily K said...

This was just beautiful! Your mom is amazing and we all love her dearly. We would love to be involved in the next team CPK!