Thursday, May 29, 2008


Jack had his Preschool graduation this last week. He has had the most wonderful teacher the past 2 years! As excited as it will be to see him start kindergarten, he (and I) will miss "Teacher Kim" so much. She has sparked an excitement for learning in Jack that I hope will remain with him through out his education. One example of this was when we were up at the cabin and driving on "Red Rock Rd." I asked why they thought it was called that and Jack piped up "because of the iron oxide"! Yeah, we know, what a smart kid. Sam is excited he gets to go next year.

Emily had her Piano Recital right before we left for the cabin this weekend. She did a wonderful job. She kept saying how nervous she was, but it didn't show. It helped that she had the song down pat for the last 3 weeks. I can't believe how far she has come in the last year. She has grown up so much this past year. I took about 12 pictures and this was the best one of the bunch. Oh well.
Just so that Sam doesn't feel left out of the event news I will share a funny story. The picture has nothing to do with the story, but the face fits the crime. A couple of Sundays ago Grandpa Manwaring brought a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting over for dessert. We all enjoyed a piece, and I left the rest on the counter. Later, the boys were having their usual hard time settling down in bed. Blake and I were in the office going over calender, and the up coming week (aka: Companionship Inventory). Sam yells out that he needs a drink, so we call back to him to run and get a drink and get back in bed. A few minutes later Blake gets up to go check on the boys and I hear Blake laughing and saying "Go show your Mother". Blake had found Sam in the farthest corner of his bottom bunk with 4 fingers in his mouth. On closer inspection he realized that his entire face was COVERED in chocolate. Sam played dumb at first, but would not take his fingers out of his mouth. I think he thought if he kept them in his mouth he was hiding the only incriminating evidence. I tried really hard to keep a straight face and explain that it was wrong to take the cake without asking while I washed the chocolate off. You would think I would be smart enough to move the cake. But I didn't, and the next morning after breakfast, I noticed the cake had been completely demolished with little fingers. I questioned Sam, since everyone else was at school. He swore up and down it wasn't him. And he didn't have any evidence this time. It was only after I found the 10 dish clothes and towels stashed in every drawer, cupboard, and pantry in the kitchen COVERED in chocolate that the truth came out. Good thing he's so darn cute! Lesson learned: Don't leave tempting chocolate cake on the counter!!!!!! (the picture is from Emily's school carnival. Sam saw other kids with painted mustaches, and had to have his own.)


SKH said...

What smart, talented, cute kids you have. I am so glad I get to see the graduations, recitals & crimes even though we don't live on the the same street. (...yet:) As for Sam, I do the same thing, I LOVE chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for a midnight snack and for breakfast.

Emily Oman said...

What funny kidos, love the stories and pictures!