Monday, July 13, 2009


So lately I have being failing in the fun date category and the Josie's love tank was running on low as I was informed. Especially after Sara told Josie about all the fun dates her and Jay have been going on. Thanks a lot Jay I am still waiting to hear the end of that one.

So I kept hearing what a romantic place the Independence Lakes were up South of Burley. I know too couples that actually propose marriage at this wonderful location. So I thought there had to be something magical in the water up there and to make the hike on the 4th of July eve. This would get me out of the dog house for sure and Jay would be calling me for pointers. So I arranged for Becky my sister to watch the kid so Josie and I could make this romantic trek.

It was a wonderful hike and saw beautiful country. Please refer to the pictures. Josie was even able to shoot a tree. Josie got a good laugh as I was trying to set the timer on the camera and run to get in the picture also. She said it was like the good old days when her father would do the samething. The highligt for Josie I sure was we dropped down the other side of the mountain and went to the Albion Cafe and ordered our favorite scones with rasbery butter. They are out of this world.

I hope in the end Josie had and wonderful time and she knowes that I love her very much.

A funny story on the way up the mountain. (Josie's did not think so)

As we were walking up I saw a family coming down that are members of our ward that I have been trying to reactivate. (Now Josie says I have put back their progression until I leave). This is nothing new I think it is most of the ward that is counting down the day until I am releassed or leave.

Anyway as I reconized them I yelled out "I finally found you I have hiked all this way to come hometeach you now sit down and listen". I think I got a smile out of the husband. Pretty funny maybe I will sent the story into the Ensign. What a great Idea. I will call it "High on a Mountain Top"


Beth said...

i think it was funny too. But ensign might be pushing it.

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful place! Glad to hear that you are taking good care of Josie, Blake!

Great Home Teaching story! Can't hide from you! Now, if they start coming to church and the brother becomes the next Bishop, THAT would be a good Ensign story!