Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chaos continued....

The day after arriving in Michigan we had to register the kids in school. We also signed a lease on a duplex, but we couldn't move in for another 9 days!!! So we decided to get in the car, YET AGAIN, and drive to Kentucky to visit with Blake's oldest brother Brad and his family for a few days(yes, we are insane, thanks for asking). The kids did good, all things considered, and the visit was nice. That is until I got this crazy sinus infection, cold something that knocked me flat. Up until that point I was holding it together pretty good if I do say so myself. But once that cold set in I was so miserable, and add being at someone elses house, not having a home to speak of ourselves, and being sick, it took the last ounce of glue holding me together and through it out the window. We headed back to hang out in the hotel for a few more days before the house was ready, I hit Craig's List pretty hard looking for furniture, and got some great deals (picture me patting myself on the back here). But that is another post, with pictures! Anyway, we finally got into the house. Added a little furniture, and got the kids into school the day after Labor Day. They were surprisingly not very nervous. Below is a picture of them before they went to school the first day. Sam and Emily were more nervous to ride the bus than anything else. None of our kids have ever ridden the bus because the bus ride was an hour ride each way where we were before.
But they survived the bus ride and all came home with smiles on their faces. Well, everyone except Emily, who had skinned her knee getting on the bus home. It didn't endear her to the bus that day, but she has since learned to like riding the bus. Especially since it is literally a 5 minute trip from the school to our house.

More to come!

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NorthwestNewmakers said...

What an adventure! I hope that you are enjoying it, although I know how much dad is missing you guys being close and your great home cooked meals! Now maybe he'll actually have to get married. LOL!