Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh The Places You Will Go For Boise State

So when we first were getting ready to move out here Josie noticed in one of the BSU Alumni letters that BSU was going to be playing out here at Bowling Green this year. We thought it would be a fun adventure to go show our support for our school.
So we had to make a day out of it. So we started by visiting Whole Foods to participate in the "BUY COT" Down with the liberal tree hugging, Nanny State, commy liberals. We had a wonderful lunch and I visited the cheese gallery with Emily and tasted different cheeses and selected two to take home.
Next Josie had to make up for teasing me the whole way our here. She would say oh we can stop at Cabelas so after passing about three stores and not stopping at one. I forced the issue and stopped at one in Ohio. So the kids really liked the animals.
We pulled into Bowling Green and had a little time before the big game so we went to a local car museum at saw some pretty neat cars. Including a Model T painted Washington Blue and Straw Wheels. Finally we went to the massacre. My favorite part was when we pulled into the parking lot and the people look at our Idaho plates on the van and they were blow away say "wow you guys drove a long way." "How long did it take you to drive here" " You must be major football fans." I was willing play along and tell stories but "Honest Abe Josie" had to set everyone straight that we had only come from Michigan. The game was a good one. BSU Kicked butt 49 to 14. We made it half time and the kids were done and we had a long drive home so we left. But as alway Josie is alway surprised where she ends up when she is with me.

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Emily K said...

You guys are die hards!!! I love reading your updates!!!