Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Are A Manwaring If...

The other day I overheard a conversation between Josie and Sam. Sam takes after his father and is often confused about many things including what day of the week it is. So he looks for clues around him to fill in the blanks. Sam asked Josie if it was "Work Day" more commonly know as Saturday to the rest of the world. Which got me remembering my growing up years. So I have come up with the following list to see if you qualify as a true Manwaring:

1) If you walk in to a building and accidentally leave the door open and someone asks if you were raise in a barn. You can reply, why yes I was.
2) For the first 10 years of your life you thought your middle name was "pot licker"
3) Your best fashion statement in high school was your new tennis shoes stained with green from the grass.
4) You had to go through a trap door to get to your bedroom.
5) At the age of 17 you could brag that you had worked at a oil refinery for 4 years.
6) You only could sing the first lines of any folk song and are really worried about being able to wash your neck.
7) The only nose jewelry you were allowed was a grind stone.
8) Your friends could recognize your back pockets and elbows before your face. (because you were bent over working)
9) You know what the phrase " Had the bun" means.
10) Your choices of energy drinks were Barley Green or Molasses mixed with Milk.
Added June 10, 2010
11) If you have had a holy shirt or pants ripped off your body.
12) If your family hugs included the use of duct tape.
13) If in every Family photo instead of hearing "say cheese" you hear "duck, duck, goose". Contributed by BM. You guess which one.

How did you rate? Can you think of any other qualifications?


Brian said...

I love the "You might be a Manwaring ifs" How about you might be a Manwaring if every Family picture starts with the phrase . . duck, duck, goose.

NorthwestNewmakers said...

HA! HA! The only one that I didn't quite get was the "had the bun"....I missed that one! How about you might be a Manwaring if you leave the keys in the cars at the top of the hill and never know what car you will be driving as you get to take the one that's not blocked in.