Monday, July 28, 2008

Plant/Kern Family Reunion

I know it has been awhile since I have actually updated the blog, so I will attempt to catch up. The end of June was the first "Plant Family Reunion". My mom and her sister's have talked about doing this for a while now, and it finally came about this year at mom and dad's cabin in Island Park. It was also a "Kern Family Reunion" because every one of my siblings and their families were there. That is getting harder and harder to do with everyone getting spread out, families getting bigger, and kids getting older. It was neat to see all the cousins together, playing and creating memories.

We took the 4 wheelers up with us and were able to go on a short family ride along the base of Sawtelle. The meadows were covered in white daisy's. I had Emily lie down in them and attempted a picture. But the picture doesn't really give you an accurate idea of the thousands of flowers surrounding her. Oh well.
Mom decided, since all the grandkids were there, and who knows when that will happen again, that she would host her annual "Grandma Party". She had put alot of thought and effort into it, and everyone had a wonderful time. I am so grateful this tradition has carried on. The theme of the party was "Rock Scientists". They had to start the party off by dancing to some "Rock Music". I believe it was Neil Diamond on the record player(memories). It was cute to watch the kids get so into it.

Then, each grandchild got their own pair of "scientist" glasses (again, so cute!) and a bag of goodies. (rock candy, a "geode" to break open, a magnifying glass, etc.

Sam was all business about making sure he got the best rocks to put in his bag.

I could not resist taking this picture. The bedhead says it all. They played hard, and slept hard!

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SKH said...

Emily's pic is exactly how I felt when we finally got home! I am so grateful for the memories made that week. I wish they could happen much more often! But happy to have blogs to keep in touch