Monday, July 28, 2008

Smiley Creek for the 4th

So the next weekend (4th of July weekend) we went with out friends, the Staples to "Smiley Creek" up in the sawtooth mountains. Blake was really excited about the chance to use the 4 wheeler for actual "work". He had to use the winch and everything! As seen here by his expression. He was in his element!

Some wood cutter must have gotten bored with the task of cutting wood and took a break to make this work of art for us to enjoy.

I was so proud of the kids! It was hot, and they hauled logs to the trailer like troopers. (another reason Blake is smiling in the above picture. It always makes him happy when his family is working) They came up with this homemade teeter-totter all on their own. Proving to me they really can entertain themselves if pushed to do it!

Even little Paylee was a hard worker!!(this has to be the happiest kid I have ever met!)
After all their hard work we told the kids they could go swimming in the creek. The only downfall, was that every time you got your feet wet, you got an brain freeze because the water was sooooo cold. Needless to say, it did not take long to "cool off".

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