Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dog Days of Summer are Finally Here!!!!

It's been awhile since I sat down and posted anything. So I thought I would try and catch up. Part of my problem is forgetting to bring the camera places. I am trying to be better. Anyway, about the pictures....this is Blake being so proud of himself for teaching Palo to "load" in the back of the 4 wheeler. We are finally getting used to having a dog again. including the "pooper-scoop" duty.
After "loading" Palo up, the kids helped "row" the canoe to the back of the yard. I thought this was so cute!!
A couple of weeks ago we took the kids (+ our nephew Garrett) to the Western Days parade here in town. We have only taken them to a handful of parades, so they thought this was the neatest thing ever!!! Of course I forgot the camera. The one thing I wished I could of gotten a picture of was Garrett "break dancing" every time any music went by. It was very entertaining, and he's actually pretty good. The other thing I am glad there is not a picture of is the Moss Greenhouse float. It's a local grower in the area that has Beautiful!! hanging baskets. Well, instead of candy, they were giving away HUGE hanging baskets of gorgeous flowers!!! So I get up, wave my hands, tell the kids to run out and say their mom needs flowers, etc... Over all, I made a huge fool of myself!!!! (I know...shocking!) They gave the flowers to another lady, and the parade moved on, and I turned to see my husband with this "Wow, You really wanted some flowers" look on his face, and I was so embarassed. Then the following week he went to Moss Greenhouse and actually purchased this Beautiful hanging basket for me. What a guy!!! His wife makes a fool of herself and he still buys her flowers! I love this man!!!!!!

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Cheryl said...

Beautiful basket!! I wonder if Scott will buy me one if I act crazy???