Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Concrete Pour Survived, and a Snake!

The big accomplishment for last week was the big pour! There are a few things in married life that I feel " if you can get through this , you can get through anything". One of those things is pouring concrete with your perfectionist crew-boss, I mean husband. Blake and I have actually already passed this test of marriage up in Anchorage when we poured the foundation for our home-edition (Sara was their to witness that one!). It was not without words of frustration, but our marriage survived. This time it was a slab for the new shed/playhouse. Blake's dad came to help this time. I have to say it went really well!!! I don't know if we are just that much more "insynch" with one another at this point in our marriage, or more organized with the pour. Either way, a huge marital triumph!!!. This is a nice project to finally get done. While it doesn't look like much, it took a big chunk of time. Now we can plug along on the shed with whatever time Blake has in his busy schedule.On Saturday Blake really wanted to go on a 4 Wheeler ride. I on the other hand just wanted to stay home and get caught up on things around the house and with my new calling ( I am now the Music Chorister in Primary. I am really excited about it, mostly because I get to use Sara, and Emily as resources since they have both already had/have this calling). So Blake took Emily and Jack up to the south hills, and I stayed home with Sam. They had a really nice ride. The wildflowers are everywhere right now. They found an old cabin that Jack was sure belonged to Smokey the Bear! Oh yeah, and they stumbled upon a snake, sunning himself in the middle of the road. A SNAKE!!! Now I know why I didn't go! That would have been it for me. It was a bull snake, not a poisonous snake, but still a snake, and a good size one at that!


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**nicke said...

we saw a huge snake on the road the other day also. i think they are just as happy as we are that the sun in FINALLY shining in idaho!

also, i am super excited for your new calling also and again i thank you for first, saying yes, (and no you didn't campaign for the job) and also for doing such a great job! i haven't heard the kiddos sing like that ever! i can't wait to see what other tricks you have up your sleeves!