Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Here is the most wonderful dad! Sam took this picture at Jack's game last night. Pretty good huh!? He was at Jack's game at 7pm even though he didn't get home until 6:40pm. He is so busy these day's, but still makes his family his priority! We are truely lucky to have him as dad!
The Sunbeams made "special" Father's Day ties in class the week before Father's Day. Sam was beyond excited to give it too him. Blake wore it to church on Sunday and everything. It was really cute to see the other dad's who were brave enough to wear theirs too. Even our bishop got one. Of course, I didn't get a picture when Blake actually wore it on Sunday, so Sam modeled it for me here. It is missing at least half of it's "embelishments" but you get the idea.


**nicke said...

Blake looked so proud on sunday wearing that beautiful tie! i can't wait for next year, sara and i are going to have a great time decorating ties for spencer...

Earle Family said...

Josie! Amy Earle here... found your blog through a link on Camille's! How are you guys doing? So good to read the updates! Tell Blake that Jake says "hi". We've got a blog going at www.3inspiringsons.blogspot.com

Say hi to Emily from Josh!